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Before you answer the questions below, take the time to read this information about project needs. I want to give you an accurate quote and this information greatly assists me in making that happen.

Deadlines - I accept projects based on my schedule. I do this as a courtesy to you because I want to give each project the time that it calls for, and this can range from a few days to several weeks.

Budget - Please define the budget you have planned for this project. I give each project my undivided attention and I don't base the quality of a project on the investment made. Remember that your heritage is the driving force behind what I create, and it is my goal to create something that is unique and relevant. I only ask that you value the time that I plan to invest in your project.

Logos - The logo is a very important part of brand development. If your project is the creation of a logo then I will have more instructions for you later in the process; however, at this point, please provide some words that best describe what you are looking for. So, what comes to mind —  whatever works best, simple or minimalist, an intricately detailed icon, initials or a monogram, name & symbol combined, illustration, or customized script (font).

Print Collateral - Any piece of marketing material that you might give to a potential customer is Print Collateral. It includes brochures, leaflets and pamphlets, postcards, newsletters, pocket presentation folders, and the list goes on. Similar to logo design, I need to know how you think about the layout and design of these items — whatever works best, fancy or budget printing, custom infographics and illustrations, etc.