There is no better way for us to begin than with a conversation (virtually or in-person). I want to hear the story behind your project! I will jot down some notes, give you some preliminary feedback, and then review the project's goals and expenses.



I know nobody likes it but sometimes homework is necessary – yay! I have a questionnaire for you to fill out that will give me more insight into your history, image, and audience. I also need to understand your visual style, so I will email you two links, a Dropbox File Request and a link to my website that contains concise instructions on exactly what I am looking for (click the button below to check out the instructions).

Here is a brief explanation of why the homework is necessary.

I want to create exactly what you need; however, I work much better with visual cues rather than descriptive words. It could be a particular font style, a color, or even graphic elements (architectural, natural, abstract, etc.). The bottom line is — you will choose visual content that catches your eye. Simply search the internet for design elements that stick out to you and then forward those examples to me. 8-10 examples would be perfect.

Does This Sound Good?

Does This Sound Good?


That’s it. I now have all the information needed to begin creating something that is uniquely yours and that, most importantly, impacts your target audience positively.



Using all of the information you provided, I can begin designing some concepts and weighing out which ones should make it to our upcoming feedback meeting.



Once the concepts are complete, we will meet (virtually or in-person). During this meeting I will present each design to you and get your feedback to ensure I am correctly interpreting the information you submitted, and we are on track with your vision.



Armed with your feedback, I will refine and resubmit the design until you give it 2 thumbs up. However, during this part of the process, I may have to let you know why I believe something is not a great idea. Remember, I am here to aide you with my expertise and I will never guide you to compromise your heritage or core values.



The wait is over and the finished design is delivered!